Thursday, 21 June 2012

Old skool rules

Jessica Johnson used to work on the WI Life magazine. She now publishes her own blog The Vintage Cake Spot among other things.

Check out these very useful vintage WI cookery tips she has discovered and then visit her blog for more vintage wonder.

"During the research of The Vintage Teatime, that I’ve been only too happy to soak up the chapters on ‘Culinary’ or ‘Cookery’ Hints which were a mainstay of self-published cook books by the WI over the last sixty years. More time-saving ways with potatoes, milk, eggs and pretty much all cupboard staples available to the home-cook in her respective decade. Here’s the best of the bunch…

CABBAGE To prevent cabbage boiling over, add a small piece of dripping or lard. Adds good flavour, too.

CAKE tins. When buying new cake or meat tins, run them inside out with a little lard, then put into a cool oven for an hour or two. This prevents rust and cakes will turn out without sticking.

EGGS you’re doing the separating thing and you drop some shell. Rescue little shards with a large piece of egg shell which acts as a magnet cum lifeguard.

PANCAKES and Yorkshire puds get even tastier with 2ozs of butter thrown into the batter before cooking.

PEARS are much improved by being cooked in a little lemonade rather than water. Think Nigella and her cola ham.

MINT for your summer mojitos can be chopped much more quickly and finely with a pinch or two of sugar in the mix.

ORANGE peel dried and hung up in a paper bag can be used as an excellent flavouring stewed with dried fruit.

REVIVE a drooping lettuce by standing its roots in a little water

THICKENING Put flour in a jar and bake in a slow oven until it just starts to change colour. When cool this can be stored and used for thickening sauces and gravies as it won’t turn lumpy upon adding to hot liquids. What a relief – that’s the white sauce sorted"

(source: the vintage cake spot)

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