Monday, 25 June 2012

Competition Time - Design the Frome WI Banner!

Many WI groups have banners that they display at public events. As Frome WI is a new branch, we currently don't have a banner, and we thought that it would be fun to design and make one as a group.

The plan is to hold a competition to select the design of the banner. The chosen design will then be made by the branch at a craft-a-long picnic.

Guidelines for the competition are:
  • The banner will be mounted on a T-frame (see examples in the links below)
  • Maximum size of 1 metre x 1 metre
  • The design should be suitable for a group project (eg different parts could be made by different people?)
  • Please include brief details of how you imagine it will being constructed
  • The committee will pick the top 3 designs
  • These will be shown at the July meeting for members to vote on
  • All voting will be done blind / by secret ballot
  • Deadline - 9th July 2012
  • Email designs to
  • Contact a member of the committee if you cannot email the design and want to submit it by hand / post

Have fun designing!!

Example photos of WI banners on the internet:

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  1. Did you know that Home in Frome group is also working on a banner which it will be parading in this year's Carnival? If your banner is made in time it would be great if you could join us! You could enter your banner in the Local Masqueraders category which is sponsored by Home in Frome. It would be great to have a few banners in the category and it could be a good advert for your group. You can find out more at if you're interested.