Saturday, 23 June 2012

June meeting minutes... another wonderful evening full of talented people and of course some wine and cake!

WI minutes

General meeting
Thursday 20th June 2012
Venue – United Reform Church Hall, Whittox Lane Frome
Present: Eileen Hurd (WI advisor)
Laura Francis
Storm Fagan

1. The meeting began at 7pm and approximately 40 people attended.

2. Storm welcomed members to the meeting and informed members that there were some important dates to be shared.

3. Kilmersdon WI have invited 6 members to their annual dinner. Anyone interested to contact Storm. Storm will post details on the blog. Members without PC access can phone Storm.

4. Gilly will be co-ordinating an entry to the Frome Cheese show. All interested to contact her.

5. Storm introduced the curator of the Bath fashion museum Rosemary Harden. She then delivered a talk to the members about the influence of sport in fashion over the last few decades. She used slides to support her talk, making links between items such as the development of ladies swim wear with lower backed dresses, riding jackets with a more tailored look on the high street and the advent of the shorter tennis skirt with the beginnings of the mini skirt on the catwalk. At the end Rosemary fielded many questions from our members. Rosemary handed out leaflets for the museum and encouraged all to visit. Immediate feedback from the talk was very positive.

You can visit the website for more information

6. The original plan was to have a cooking activity based on the sport theme, however a last minute change meant that afterwards all ladies who could knit or crochet took a group to teach others their skills. Some learnt basic knitting, whilst others learnt how to crochet flowers!

7. The meeting finished just after 9pm.

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