Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Frome WI Sushi School Evening

We recently ran a poll to see if you would like to attend a Sushi School evening at Yo! Sushi in Bath for our May Meeting. We didn't get a lot of votes but those we did were resoundingly in favour. I have included the results below, if you click on the picture you can go to the results page for more information.
We have arranged then for a Sushi School evening on Thursday 15th May at Yo! Sushi restaurant in Milsom Place, Bath. However, we need you all to book in advance for this one before 1st May.

In the class you will:
  • Learn how to cook Japanese rice;
  • View a Fish Cutting demonstration;
  • Learn how to make different types of sushi: Maki, Mini ISO, Hand Roll, Nigiri & more

At the end of the class all participants will receive:
  • A Sushi School booklet containing a step by step guide to all recipes learnt that day;
  • A 25% off voucher to use on your next visit;
  • Certificate that confirms that you have completed the course;
  • A professional sushi rolling mat to get you started;
  • And finally you can enjoy the food that you have created
The cost is £20 for paid members of Frome WI or £25 for guests. (WI will pay £5 for members) You are most welcome to bring any friends male or female as guests.

You can book using the form below and pay the £5 deposit. We will collect the remaining amount on the evening.

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