Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Hello ladies,

Just a reminder that our subscription fees are in respect of calendar years so all existing members who joined prior to October 2012 need to re-subscribe for 2013. This year's fee is £33 - your money goes towards our hall rental, speaker fees and helping fund the National Federation. Your subscription entitles you to copies of the WI Life magazine, access to courses at Denman College and means you can attend all of our monthly meetings. Anyone joining since October 2012 has taken advantage of the last 3 months of 2012 being included in their 2013 membership so have nothing to pay until January 2014.

Now we are into our second year, we have to pay half of all subscription fees to the National Federation. This means that we will have less funds for our speakers and other outgoings. In order to keep the finances healthy, we will sometimes ask for an additional small contribtion of around £2 during meetings where we make something we can keep and need to cover the cost of materials. We will obviously continue our fundraising efforts to help boost the bank balance and help ensure that we can afford quality speakers. Fees aren't allowed to go towards funding drinks and refreshments. It would be great if you could either make a small donation at our meetings (we will provide a collection dish on the drinks table), or occassionally bring a bottle of something along with you.

We were over-whelmed by the number of members in our first year, your support and enthusiasm has been very much appreciated. It is great to see the ladies of Frome getting together, learning new skills, trying things they might otherwise not, being sociable and welcoming to ladies who have recently moved to the area. We look forward to your ongoing support and contributions to help us grow our WI in 2013.

See you tomorrow...don't forget your cheque books!


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