Wednesday, 7 November 2012

October meeting with pictures

The October meeting was themed around Birth and Booze.

This year the NFWI (National Federation of Women's Institutes) voted in a resolution to campaign for more midwives. For more information on the national campaign please visit the website.

Kaz Woodbury, a birth worker and trainee ante natal teacher from Frome NCT talked to us about the importance of this campaign and how crucial midwives are to women's experience in childbirth.

Joy Horner, a local midwife, then talked to us about her experiences as a midwife both in the NHS and working independently.

Joy and Kaz both talked passionately and articulately about this issue which has an impact on so many women.

We then moved on to a little light refreshment with Gareth and Vicky from Great Western Wine who talked us through a very interesting and educational wine tasting!

Along with Paul from Sagebury Cheese on Cheap Street who brought along some amazing cheeses to try.

As always the cake table was absolutely amazing.

Thank you to our wonderful speakers the evening was jam packed with so much information.
Thank you to everyone who came, brought cakes, donated to refreshments.
And thank you to everyone who has joined up for next year!

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