Wednesday, 25 July 2012

July Meeting Minutes

WI monthly meeting – Thursday 19th July 2012
Speaker – David Hill - Paralympian
Activity – Cake Pops

This evening we were first visited by a photographer from the Standard, who took a few photos of all our lovely ladies next to the fantastic David Hill (Paralympic swimmer).


· Laura has arranged a new poster which will now be available to see along with pin badges to buy
· WI Facebook site – advertising businesses will now be strictly limited to WI members only. The committee will monitor this and will delete any posts by non-members
· Help is needed at the NCT/WI cheese show on the 8th September. This tent will be providing changing facilities for mums and babies, feeding areas and refreshments. WI will support this in honour of the year of the midwife. Any helpers will get a free ticket to the cheese show
· We have been offered a table at the Frome Artisan market. One on 5th August and one on 2nd September. We need volunteers to bake for the stall and also to help for an hour or so on the stall. Handicrafts can be sold (quality things only) and anything sold will be given a 50:50 share
· Yarn bombing (street art but with knitting/crochet) We need volunteers to knit and to put up in the designated place (to be confirmed) Information will be up on Facebook and emailed
· Emma would like to arrange a non-craft activity for all those keen walkers or bikers. Please contact her if you would like to join in a walk or bike ride soon
· There will be a group trip to a vineyard at Wraxhall. £5 a person to have some fun and drink a few wines!

David Hill

We then heard the most inspiring speech from David Hill. At only 23, he told us of his life as a professional athlete and how he first got into swimming, right through to becoming a finalist in the backstroke, representing Great Britain at the 2004 Olympics and the present day.

He could swim at 3 years old and by the time he was 12 was talented spotted. He talked about his technique in the water and how is disability has led to his legs being incredibly strong and his main source of power.

His parents were totally behind his dream and supported him through boarding school to train as a swimmer. Trying to fit in school too was a struggle and David’s main message to all children now is to never ever give up on your dream, but also don’t sacrifice your education for your sport. He spoke about his training and the amount he has to eat in order to replace all his energy spent in the pool, every day eating 7 proper meals! (lot of envious ladies!)

He is now retired at 23. His next aim is to compete in the triathlon, adapting his bike to suit his disability, but he is also starting to train as a carpenter and joiner. He has custom made gadgets that fit on to a prosthetic arm in order to help him complete his woodwork skills such as a clamp, a hammer, or leveller for sawing.

His whole attitude was one of absolute passion for his sport. He felt he wanted to give others a ‘run for their money’ and always kept in mind that it wasn’t that he couldn’t do something, he just needed to find a way round it and adapt. He delivered his speech with humour and skill and made everyone feel comfortable about asking questions. A true star!

David will be volunteering at the Olympics this year as he was not allowed to compete due to an appendix operation. You may also hear him doing some commentary on Radio 5 live.

Cake pops

Storm and Laura then demonstrated how to make cake pops (balls of decorated cake on a stick!) All had a go and loved it! Other links up on the FB page.

New name for the WI

Sophie ran a group during the session to collect new names for the group. The suggestions will be discussed by the committee and then put up on Facebook for a vote.

A fantastic night as always!

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