Thursday, 26 April 2012


It's Thursday, the new Friday apparently. And in honour of this I thought I'd share a little idea with you that's all the rage in that there London these days, and tickles my fancy quite a lot... I'd like to set up a cafe serving these, or, perhaps we can persuade one of our local venues to serve TeaTails!

Teatails! by Pic_Nick_
Teatails!, a photo by Pic_Nick_ on Flickr.
You can always make your own, I love the idea of serving them in fine, mismatched bone china teapots, cups and saucers.

It's not all about ladies who lunch these days you know, and, a pot of Sailor Jerry cocktail at 3pm sounds rather civilised. Not to mention with it being in a teapot, and tea coloured and all, no-one would know you were sneaking in a crafty afternoon drink ;-)

Happy Thursday!

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